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Here at Sangillo's Tire Center we sell most major brands of tires for automobiles and light trucks.




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Tire Rotation

Tire rotation

Rotating your tires on a regular basis will save you money. You will get more mileage and will need to replace them less often. Rotations are important for proper treadware and helps with fuel economy. At the time of your tire rotation our staff will be able to check for any tire damage and will check for proper inflation.

Tire Repair

tire repair

In many cases we are able to repair your tire instead of replacing it.

wheel balancing

wheel balancing

When you purchase tires at Sangillo's Tire Center we will balance your tires with our state of the art computer balancing machines. When tires are not properly balanced you may experience vibrations that will increase with your speed.


wheel alignment



tire disposal

Free tire disposal with purchase

Tires are among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and their durability. It is estimated that 259 million tires are discarded annually. We are proud to say our scrap tires are recycled.


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